How To Get Around In Norway

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Norway is one of the most beautiful and scenic countries on earth. When visiting this Scandinavian jewel, it is easy to travel by bus, car and train as well as airplane and ferry. In addition to the local bus service in each city and town, there is an extensive network of inter-city express bus services that crisscross the country. An advanced highway system and well maintained roadways make traveling by car a scenic pleasure. Be sure to know and understand the rules and regulations for driving in Norway and be observant of road conditions.You Continue reading How To Get Around In Norway…

World’s Guide: Norway An Inspiring Country

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Visitors to Norway will find that it is an inspiring country with a variety of attractions.

People who want to see the country’s scenery can take a cruise through the Hardanger district. Travelers can cruise on the Hardangerfjord or walk on a glacier. There are trails for hiking and horseback riding in the mountains.

Unusual things to do in Norway include seeing the northern lights and spending time under the midnight sun. The sun does not set during the summer in northern Norway.

Visitors can see a variety of exhibits in Norway’s museums. The Viking Ships Museum and the Continue reading World’s Guide: Norway An Inspiring Country…

To Be A Tourist In Norway

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Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country with a high standard of living. Exploring the history of the Vikings and enjoying the natural wonders of the nation are just two of the many activities available to tourists. All visitors to Norway should certainly visit the sites in Oslo.

The Viking Ship Museum is one of the best places in the country to learn about the Vikings. The museum is home to three Viking ships named the Oseberg, Gokstad and the Tune. The Continue reading To Be A Tourist In Norway…

Preparing for the Trip to Norway

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Norway is a beautiful country with a lot of beautiful people and a lot of beautiful things to see. It’s really a trip of a lifetime, which is why you want to make sure you do everything right. You must properly prepare for the trip so that you remember Norway for all the right reasons.

Below are a few ideas to help you thoroughly prepare for an experience you won’t soon forget:

1.) Get the home squared away. You plan on coming back, right? Make sure you arrange to have your mail withheld until you return or have a neighbor gather it for you while you are away. If you let those things stack up, you’re pretty much telling the world you aren’t home. Might also be a good time to look into a home security system if you haven’t already. Sites like are a great start.

2.) Learn some of the language. Do you even know what language they speak in Norway? Sure, it’s Norwegian, but there are two kinds: bokmal and nynorsk and it depends where you are which one is appropriate. You don’t need to be fluent in the dialect to have a good time, but it might be nice to know how to ask for things and get peoples’ attention.

3.) Purchase a travel journal. There are plenty out there and they not only help you document exciting happenings on your travels, but they also provide interesting information as well. You can find decently priced travel journals specifically for Norway in most major bookstores and, if all else fails, there is still Amazon.

A Little Bit About the Norwegian Culture

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Norway has often been called one of the happiest places to live in the world. The people really treasure the rich history and culture. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries with its lush landscapes. Norway has managed to be a nation that has controlled it’s own destiny. Managing it’s own business ventures and keeping peace is second nature to Norway.

The fisheries and farms have prospered, and with good management, they have kept from bankruptcy, disaster and isolation. What is the secret of Norway’s success? Some would answer this question Continue reading A Little Bit About the Norwegian Culture…

A Guide To Norway’s Most Beautiful Destinations

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You can’t have a discussion about the most beautiful destinations in Norway without talking about the fjords. Fjords are narrow channels that allow the sea to flow inland through steep scenic cliffs. One of the most impressive of all the Norwegian fjords is the Geirangerfjord. In 2005, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization added this fjord to its list of World Heritage Sites because it is one of the most stunningly beautiful fjord landscapes on earth. It lies in the southwest part of Norway about 150 miles northeast of Continue reading A Guide To Norway’s Most Beautiful Destinations…

How To Find The Most Beautiful Sites In Norway

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One great way to find the most beautiful sites in Norway is to travel Norway by train. There are many scenic rail tours available when touring Norway. One of the ‘must do’ excursions is the Flam Railway (Flamsbana) which connects Myrdal to Flam. The train winds its way through the heart of the Sognefjord at Aurlandfjord, pausing for photos of a gorgeous cascading waterfall.

While on the train you will see scenic views of Continue reading How To Find The Most Beautiful Sites In Norway…

Norway A Country That Never Gets Boring

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Norway is one of the Scandinavian countries, along with Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. It is most famous for its beautiful fjords, which are long, narrow inlets or seas, bordered by three steep sides, formed from glaciers. You may want to take a boat trip down one of the fjords to experience the majestic waterfalls and lush green landscape. The fjords have been listed as the world’s top tourist attraction by National Geographic.

Because of Norway’s proximity to the Arctic Continue reading Norway A Country That Never Gets Boring…

The News In Norway For Today

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Prosecutors in Norway have requested that mass murderer Behring Breivik be declared insane by the courts. If this were to occur, he would be reprimanded to a mental institution indefinitely. If he is not declared insane, Home Alarms in Jacksonville, the most his prison sentence could be is 21 years.

Breivik has admitted to killing 77 people in twin attacks last year. The majority of the people were teenagers at a labour party summer camp. He has stated that being declared insane would be a sentence \worse than death\”. He has also stated that he will appeal the verdict.”

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